Fun at home

Find activities and games that will help your kids keep their English up to date through the crisis!

Try some of our activities to have fun at home and help you practice your English at the same time!

Household objects wordsearch. Can you find the objects?

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Describe and draw

Have some fun with your friends over the telephone. Each of you must choose a picture from a newspaper, magazine, book etc.

Now, take turns in describing the pciture to your friend over the phone. Your friend should try and draw what you are describing. Once finished, use a video call to show each other your pictures and see how close they are!

Useful language:

Top/Bottom — Left/Right — Corner — Edge — Background — Foreground — Above/Below — Next to — In front of — Behind


This is a great activity for practicing directions!

Find a corridor or a large room. Place various objects (non breakable) on the floor.

One person puts on a blind fold, and the others must give them directions to go from one side of the mindfield to the other without touching an object.

Here’s some helpful vocabulary:

Turn left — Turn right — Take a small/big step forward — Step to the left/right.

The messenger

This game is fun, and can also get your kids to be active in the home.

If you’ve ever played ‘Chinese Whispers’ (telefono roto), then this is a variation.

Two people (the parents/a parent and sibling etc) go to two different places in the house (different rooms), each taking a pen and paper. They must write their messages on a piece of paper. The child then has to listen to the message from person 1, run to person 2, and relay the message. Person 2 must write the message down. Do this as many times as you can. Once finished, they two people can compare the messages and see how well the activity has gone.

Keeping fit!

When we’re stuck at home… it’s important to keep in shape (keep fit).

Here are some videos for exercises you can do at home… with instructons in English of course!

And here you will find more ways to stay in shape in our Keep fit page

Our Diary & Daily Challenge

Distorted Animals

Can you work out which animals are in the picture? Some are easy, others… not so. As always, once you have your 12 answers (in English), email them to us at

The Macro Challenge

Today we have a real challenge for you! In the picture below you’ll see 12 everyday objects you would find in your house. See if you can work out what they all are, then send your answers (numbered 1 – 12) IN ENGLISH to, we’ll post the winner’s names over the weekend!

English for Teens

Here you’ll find some quick classes to help you improve your language!

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